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Our vision is to grow disciples of Jesus Christ.  The first thing you’ll notice about us is our Hospitality…you’ll get a warm welcome and we want everyone to feel a bit of being “at home” with us.

10:00 a.m. Sunday is our main worship and you’ll find us at 132 Main St. in Campbellville, ON.  That’s the Guelph Line exit (#312) off of the 401, just west of Milton, ON.

We’re serving communities from Guelph to Burlington and the area around Milton, from Campbellville, Ontario.

We’re progressive and rooted in tradition as well.

We have a number of Small Groups that meet throughout the week.  We have community partners that use the Church facilities as well, like Guides and dance and music classes.

You’ll find something for nearly everyone under our roof…so come open the door!

St Davids from Google Street View

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Rev. James Knott (Interim Moderator), Brad Boehmer (Clerk), Deb Drijber, Noreen Hurren, and  George Farrow from Knox Oakville has been appointed an Assessor Elder for our Session.