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tiny crossJoin us for our regular Worship Service at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday.  Due to Covid restrictions, we are worshipping virtually using the zoom platform.  For an invitation link, please send a request to: stdavidssecretary@gmail.com.

We are located on Main Street (Guelph Line) just south of the 401 in downtown Campbellville. <Map Here>

The Church building is fully wheelchair accessible with an elevator available to  all levels. Accessible parking and entry from the back entrance.

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News and Events


Join us virtually for our annual Comfort and Joy Service.  The Zoom link is below .
Topic: Comfort and Joy Service
Time: Dec 13, 2020 07:00 PM
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Board of Managers Update

The Board of Managers had their monthly meeting and they have been busy with a number of projects:

~ repair work on the steeple to mitigate leaks

~ brick repointing on the front of the Church building to prevent water damage

Pastoral Visits

Reverend Jacques would like a chance to sit down and chat with all members of the St. David’s family over the coming months.  The Elders will be the visits but if you have immediate Pastoral needs, contact Reverend Jacques directly.

Presbyterian Connection Newspaper – Subscribe now

The Record magazine has taken on a newspaper format and will be distributed 4 times per year.  There are copies of the latest edition available to check out at coffee hour.  If you are interested in a free home subscription:

visit presbyterian.ca/connection  or call 1-800-619-7301 extension 243

Community Activities @ St. David’s

Seniors Pilates

Boot Camp

Girl Guides


Social/Art gathering

Social Group Drop In

Our Church office can be reached by phone (905-854-9800) or e-mail (stdavidssecretary@gmail.com)


Reverend Drew Jacques can be reached through the Church Office at 905-854-9800 or by e-mail at notgwerd@gmail.com

Session Members

Rev. Drew Jacques (Moderator), Brad Boehmer (Clerk), Deb Drijber,  Noreen Hurren,  and George Farrow (Assessor Elder – Knox Oakville).

Board of Managers

Mary Lou Lavelle (Chair), Dan Ferguson, Jon Felsbourg (Secretary), Jason Garrett, Yulia Blackburn, John Fowler, Lorna Wilson (Treasurer).

Pastoral Care Team

If you have a Pastoral Care need please contact Ruth Boers at 905-854-995 or by e-mail at r.d.boers@hotmail.com.

Prayer Chain

For prayer requests, please contact any of the Prayer Chain members below. All requests are confidential.

  • Shirley Chester (905-876-8238 / shirleyLchester@gmail.com)
  • Roseann Felsbourg (905-854-0245 / roseannfelsbourg@gmail.com)
  • Norma Smith (905-854-2156 / normabsmith1974@gmail.com)
  • Ruth Boers (905-854-9959 / r.d.boers@hotmail.com)

A St. David’s welcome

You can expect two things when you come to St. Davids:

  • a warm, friendly greeting
  • a strong sense of who we are (see previous point)

tiny crossSee how we Serve.  Get to know us behind the doors. Check out our Mission and Vision? Our History and our Current Story

tiny crossWeddings?  Family Gatherings? Do you need to rent a beautiful space in the Village for a family or neighbourhood event?  You can do so by calling 289-208-3723.  Our rooms are available.  The Sanctuary has excellent acoustics and is bright and beautiful.  We can arrange for music, audio-visuals, etc.  We have a full kitchen, a large dining area, and several meeting rooms for groups.  Click here to see the big room.